Have more productive and happy teams

Increase the frequency of deploying your code by 5x using Kubernetes.

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Observability and Telemetry at another level

End-to-end monitor your Clusters' applications using our Stack.

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Reduce cloud costs by 50%

Container Orchestration is the solution to reduce costs in the cloud.

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Next Generation Cloud services

We are specialists in Cloud Services, focusing on modern environments hosted by Cloud providers and Data centers. Our DNA DevOps has helped several companies to accelerate their projects from development to production.


It is a reduction in development cycles when adopting containers.

O2B has complete solutions

Our Solutions Complex software environments require a set of integrated solutions capable of helping your organization to maximize the benefits of new technologies.

Cloud Native Consulting

Automating operational tasks you win time to act in more strategic activities.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration

With the orchestration of containers, the quality of your services will improve significantly .

FullStack Monitoring

We work with concepts such as telemetry and observability, bringing proactivity to anomaly events.

FullStack Operations

Once you have your infrastructure in code, you can evolve the platform more easily and gain scale.

What cannot be measured, cannot be improved.

Don't be blind about your cloud infrastructure. O2B has the best services solutions for your company.

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